Friday, 9 June 2017
How is Quadrabloc Different from Other Magnetic Treatments?

We spend a great deal of time in our conversations with healthcare professionals and patients differentiating Quadrabloc from other forms of treatment for pain and discomfort.  Recently, our audience has begun to ask us how Quadrabloc differs from other marketed magnets.  Some of the questions include-

"Are all magnets the same?"
"What makes Quadrabloc unique?"

"How does Quadrabloc work differently than other magnets for pain relief?"

These are fair questions and they point us to advantages unique to Quadrabloc.  But, first things first, it is important to understand that Quadrabloc is not a single magnet.  Instead, each Quadrabloc is composed of four (4) magnets arranged in an optimal array to produce the desired effect on sensory nerves. 

So, what makes Quadrabloc one-of-a-kind in the field of magnets for relieving pain? 

Quadrabloc, and its predecessor Magnabloc, is differentiated by its

1. patented quadrapolar design,
2. unique magnetic steep field gradient, and
3. demonstrated effect on sensory nerves.

Quadrabloc is differentiated by its unique patented design.

Quadrabloc, as its name suggest, is composed of four (4) cylindrical neuromagnets arranged in a specific, patented geometry in alternating polarity.  Competing magnets will use a single-pole or bi-polar (2) array.

And, why is the design important? 

Quadrabloc’s patented design produces a unique steep gradient magnetic field.

The array of four (4) neuromagnets produces a steep gradient field that predictably and reversibly blocks the communication of a pain signal.  The gradient field produced by Quadrabloc is the result of aligning the neuromagnets in an optimized array of four magnets with alternating polarity. The diagram below represents the gradient field produced by Quadrabloc.

This array is the result of significant peer-reviewed research designed to determine the optimal array (or alignment) of magnets to produce the desired effect.  The picture below presents a plastic model of the actual induction field produced by Quadrabloc and reflects the tissue penetration of greater than one (1) inch observed with Quadrabloc.

And, why is the steep field gradient important?

The steep field gradient created by Quadrabloc delivers the desired biological response –reversible blocking of the communication of pain to the central nervous system. 

Sensory nerve blockade, expressed as a reduction in the amount and intensity of electrical pain signals, has been found to be most effectively inhibited by the alternating quadrapolar static steep magnetic field gradient unique to Quadrabloc.  McLean, et al., and other independent multidisciplinary researchers and research groups at Vanderbilt University Medical Center successfully developed a method to study the biological effects of static magnetic fields. These studies convincingly demonstrate the quadrapolar magnetic array to be the optimal design necessary to block the transmission of pain ignited by sensory nerve fibers.

Quadrabloc works by reducing the firing rate of pain signals and the inflammatory response generated by painful stimulation. When in pain, we know where it hurts. With Quadrabloc, the user can simply place Quadrabloc where it hurts. With Quadrabloc appropriately positioned, the perception of pain, and the inflammatory response to pain, is diminished.  And, finally, Quadrabloc is described as “reversible” because removing Quadrabloc from the body site terminates its effect.  Quadrabloc is sold as a set of four neuromagnets, as a Pad with five (5) Quadrabloc neuromagnets, and as a back belt with seven (7) neuromagnets.

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