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Quadrabloc™ Discs
Preferred by those with isolated points of pain. This set of four Quadrabloc™ therapeutic magnets comes in a convenient case.

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Preferred by individuals seeking to address localized pain that is contained in a small region of the body.  The disc application is highly flexible, with single- or multiple-disc options depending on the site of discomfort.  A user guide is included to help the user appropriately place Quadrabloc discs in specific regions of the body, including the low back, neck, knee, head and wrist.

Packaged as a set of four (4) discs with a carry case to enable the user to easily travel with Quadrabloc.  Quadrabloc adhesives allow the user to apply the disc directly to the site of pain.  The Quadrabloc disc is kitted with 104 adhesives.  Adhesives are also available for re-order.




The easy-to-use neuromagnetic device that provides a safe and effective path to pain relief!

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