Quadrabloc™ Pad Quadrabloc™ Pad Quadrabloc™ Pad Quadrabloc™ Pad Quadrabloc™ Pad

Quadrabloc™ Pad
Preferred by those seeking a versatile product appropriate for use across a broad cross-section of body regions, including the shoulder, knee and low-back.

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The Quadrabloc™ Pad offers flexibility to the pain sufferer who encounters pain at multiple body sites.  The Quadrabloc Pad uses an optimized array of five (5) neodymium magnets with alternating polarities to produce a steep field gradient that intercepts the pain signals from the site or region of pain to the brain.  The Quadrabloc Pad can be worn using the straps designed specific for the shoulder, knee, and back.  The pad is also appropriate for females undergoing menstrual pain and can be placed beneath garments (i.e. underneath the waistline of pants) to hold the pad in place during use..

Packaged as a single 5 x 7 inch pad with a strap kit and a carrying case.  The strap kit includes 3 straps of various lengths to accommodate use for low-back (up to 60"+ waist), shoulder, and knee discomfort.




The easy-to-use neuromagnetic device that provides a safe and effective path to pain relief!

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