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Anesthesiologist Gives Her Review on the Use of Quadrabloc

Anesthesiologist Gives Her Review on the Use of Quadrabloc

I was introduced to Quadrabloc by Brad Worthington, MD. We were discussing anesthesia techniques to manage post surgical pain in spine surgery patients. Our discussion covered non-pharmaceutical approaches to pain management, including the use of magnets. I am a board certified anesthesiologist and have additional training in acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. I remain open to alternative modalities that have a scientific basis for efficacy. Many of the modalities I try myself before offering these options to my patients. I find Quadrabloc therapy to be a useful adjunct in the treatment of pain.



My practice also encompasses remote and wilderness medicine. The ideal solution for pain management in the wilderness is a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical, portable, easily applied and easily removable modality. I find that the Quadrabloc system works quite well for this. I don't have to worry about narcotic side effects or infection from more invasive techniques. I don't need to carry heavy bags with extensive medical equipment. The magnets are small and easily fit into a medical bag. The individual discs are great for small, localized injuries and pain. The pad facilitates application to larger areas and is easily positioned with the belt. There are limitations, as with any treatment. Severe pain and injury require more intervention.

I find in general that this system can make a difference in the outdoor adventurer whose pain is limiting the enjoyment of their experience. By alleviating some of their discomforts, they are more likely to focus less on their pain and experience more pleasure from their outdoor exertions. In the worst-case scenario, partial relief of pain may, in some cases, aid an individual to have enough mobility to assist in their ambulation from a remote area to an area where they can be evacuated to a higher level of care.

— Dr. Kathleen F.

Anesthesiologist in Telluride, Colorado. She received her medical degree from University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine and has been in practice for 20 years.


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