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Once a Skeptic, Martye Now Calls Her Quadrabloc Back Belt a “Miracle Belt”

Once a Skeptic, Martye Now Calls Her Quadrabloc Back Belt a “Miracle Belt”

Pain can sometimes greet you as an unexpected, unpleasant surprise. This was the case with me. One Sunday afternoon, I had the pleasure of co-hosting a reunion of 45 friends. We had known each other for over 30 years and I was very much looking forward to catching up with old friends. And, catch up we did! It was a great day. Still, I recall standing (without sitting), in heels, on a ceramic tile floor for 5 hours greeting, hugging, catching up and reminiscing about the “old days”. Ladies, perhaps you have been there? On this day, the excitement had carried me through the day, but unfortunately not beyond the day.

The following morning, I struggled to get out of bed. I was stiff and my hips and my back was in pain. Thinking the pain would subside through the course of the day, I went about my normal activity. Instead, the pain persisted…frustratingly persisted. Since I can’t take over-the-counter pain relievers, I just had to “grin and bear it”, or so I thought. After the third day, the pain was so intense and I was having such difficulty walking, that I called to see how soon I could see my doctor. The receptionist said, unfortunately, the first available time was 5 days later. I took the appointment.



Knowing I had reached my limit for pain, I called a friend who has had a long-time “personal relationship” with Quadrabloc. In the past, he had tried to get me to wear a Quadrabloc back belt when I was having back pain. Still, I always graciously declined the offer. I was not yet convinced of the therapeutic value of “magnets” or neuromagnets, as he described Quadrabloc. This time, in a desperate tone, I told him “I need help and I need it right now!” He immediately brought me his Quadrabloc back belt and gave me instruction on the appropriate use and placement. I remained skeptical. Still, the pain was so severe that I was very willing to try Quadrabloc.

WOW! What a surprise! Within a short period of time, the pain subsided to a numb ache. After wearing the Quadrabloc belt for 3 days, I called and canceled my doctor’s appointment, and continued wearing the belt. Two days later, I called my friend and told him the pain had “shifted” to a lower spot. He told me how to reposition the belt to get relief.   Again, it worked! Where there was “little faith” (if any at all, to be honest), I began to have a great affection for this “Miracle Belt”.  And, after a few more days, I was able to remove the belt completely!

Quadrabloc Pain Relief Back Belts

I now have my own Quadrabloc belt as well as a Quadrabloc pad. A few weeks ago, I woke up with a pain in my arm located between the elbow and the wrist. Thinking I had just slept on it during the night, I ignored the discomfort. After the second day of persistent pain, I had an “Aha” moment. I remembered the pad that I have and thought “why not try it?” I secured the pad around my arm and wore it for about four hours. Again, the pain disappeared!

If I get overly tired, my lower back will begin to ache. Now, I don’t hesitate to put on the belt and the pain slips away after a few short minutes. And, another nice thing I like about it is that you can wear the belt under or outside of your clothes — either way is comfortable and doesn’t look unsightly!

Needless to say, where there was once doubt, I can no longer imagine life without Quadrabloc as part of my daily life (if needed).  It relieves the pain without the expense and time involved with trying to see a doctor.  And, in my case, no pain relievers are required! I strongly recommend Quadrabloc for anyone who is experiencing pain.

— Martye, female, Quadrabloc user

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