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Truck Driver Pain Relieved by Quadrabloc

Truck Driver Pain Relieved by Quadrabloc

Truck drivers are the backbone of America with over 3.5 million drivers in the USA. Many drivers will be driving for as much as 70 hours a week! Often resting in their trucks in-between shifts. It is no surprise then that many truck drivers suffer from pain. Back pain is the most common complaint amongst long distance drivers as well as delivery drivers who haul, lift and move packages all day long.



We know that many drivers will be in constant pain and try to manage it with pain medications. We know that consistent use of pain medications can have many significant side effects. We also know that many of the helpful effects of those drugs will begin reduce causing the drivers to require higher doses and increasing the side effects.

Quadrabloc offers a safe, drug free alternative that can be worn, in comfort, all day and night. It is extremely easy to wear as you drive and also when getting in and out of a truck and even when moving cargo and delivering packages.

America runs on the service of our truck drivers. There is no way to avoid long periods of sitting and vibrations of the road. At Quadrabloc we do NOT believe you should be in pain as you bring our groceries and goods across the country for us.

Truck Drivers, Taxi Drivers, Delivery Men & Women, Post Men & Women: Try Quadrabloc Today To Relieve Your Pain while Driving!

Are you ready to give your pain to Quadrabloc?




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