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Quadrabloc™ Individual Discs (Set of 4)

Quadrabloc™ Individual Discs (Set of 4)

Quadrabloc™ Individual Discs (Set of 4)


Preferred by individuals seeking to address localized pain that is contained in a small region of the body. The disc application is highly flexible, with single- or multiple-disc options depending on the site of discomfort. A user guide is included to help the user appropriately place Quadrabloc™ discs in specific regions of the body, including the low back, neck, knee, head, and wrist.

Packaged as a set of four (4) discs with a carry case to enable the user to easily travel with Quadrabloc™. Each disc is 1' 1/2" in diameter. 

Quadrabloc™ adhesives allow the user to apply the disc directly to the site of pain. The Quadrabloc™ Discs come with 104 adhesives included. Adhesives are also available for re-order.

Why Quadrabloc  Works

Quadrabloc™ Discs use alternating quadrapolar magnet fields which when placed directly over the source of the pain, quickly block the pain signal from reaching the brain. Pain relief can be felt in minutes.

Quadrabloc is safe and can help to reduce the need for pain relief medications. Quadrabloc™ attacks the pain where it starts so you can get back to living a life free from pain.

How to get the maximum amount of pain relief

If you are not getting the maximum pain relief benefits, try adjusting the Disc over the location of pain. Placement is very important for blocking pain. Move the Disc slightly around the pain area until relief can be felt. 

Quadrabloc Magnetic Discs are great for

Jaw Pain (TMJ)
Knee Pain
Shoulder Pain
Lower Back Pain
Upper Back Pain
Wrist Pain
Foot Pain
Ankle Pain
Menstrual Discomfort
Discomfort from Nausea
Dental Discomfort

Get back to living! Give your pain to Quadrabloc.