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Quadrabloc™ Blocks Pain Fast

If you live with daily pain then you know how hard everyday life can be. If you've tried everything and still suffer from pain that prevents you from doing the things you love most, then it's time to try Quadrabloc.

Quadrabloc therapeutic magnets are different from any other magnet currently available. Quadrabloc uses powerful, alternating quadrapolar magnets which when applied directly to the source of pain, the pain signal is blocked and prevented from reaching the brain.

By blocking the pain signal, you experience pain relief in minutes.  

Which product should I choose? 

The Quadrabloc™ Back Belt is great for relieving low back pain. The belt can be worn comfortably over or under clothing. Turn the belt around to the front for relief from stomach or menstrual cramping. Works great at home, when active or for overnight relief so you can get some sleep. If you can put your finger directly over the area of pain, Quadrabloc™ Discs are a great option. Discs can be worn individually or together to provide maximum pain relief. Use the included adhesives to attach the Discs directly to the area of pain. Great for headaches, nausea, wrist, elbow and jaw pain, neck and shoulder pain. The Quadrabloc™ Pad is best for a larger, more disbursed area of pain. The Pad can be comfortably placed directly over the area of pain and secured with the included velcro straps. Use while at home, at work, or on the go for long-lasting relief from pain.
Quadrabloc™ Individual Discs (Set of 4)
Preferred by individuals seeking to address localized pain that is contained in a small region of the body. The disc application is highly flexible, with single- or multiple-disc options depending on the site of discomfort. A user guide is includ...
Quadrabloc™ Back Belt (Contains 7 Quadrabloc Discs)
Quadrabloc magnetic belt for back pain When you suffer from back pain, you want pain relief fast. The Quadrabloc™ Back Belt with pain blocking quadrapolar magnets works to quickly block and relieve lower back pain so you can get on with your day. ...
Quadrabloc™ Pad (Contains 5 Quadrabloc Discs)
Preferred by those seeking a versatile product appropriate for use across a broad cross-section of body regions, including the shoulder, knee, and low-back. The Quadrabloc™ Pad offers flexibility to the pain sufferer who encounters pain at multip...