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Quadrabloc Pain Relief Products

Quadrabloc works to relieve pain using patented, quadrapolar magnetic discs to block the pain signals that originate in the sensory nerve fibers. These fibers, located throughout the body, are responsible for sending pain signals to the brain.

By placing Quadrabloc directly over the site of pain, Quadrabloc interrupts the pain signals and relieves pain. Pain relief can be achieved in a matter of minutes with proper placement of a Quadrabloc disc or garment.

Quadrabloc provides natural pain relief and is great for:

Upper Back Pain Relief
Lower Back Pain Relief
Shoulder Pain Relief
Sciatica Pain Relief
Knee Pain Relief
Hip Pain Relief
Cycle Pain
Stomach Discomfort
and so much more!

Quadrabloc™ Pad (Contains 5 Quadrabloc Discs)
Preferred by those seeking a versatile product appropriate for use across a broad cross-section of body regions, including the shoulder, knee, and low-back. The Quadrabloc™ Pad offers flexibility to the pain sufferer who encounters pain at multip...
Quadrabloc™ Individual Discs (Set of 4)
Preferred by individuals seeking to address localized pain that is contained in a small region of the body. The disc application is highly flexible, with single- or multiple-disc options depending on the site of discomfort. A user guide is includ...
Quadrabloc™ Back Belt (Contains 7 Quadrabloc Discs)
Quadrabloc magnetic belt for back pain When you suffer from back pain, you want pain relief fast. The Quadrabloc™ Back Belt with pain blocking quadrapolar magnets works to quickly block and relieve lower back pain so you can get on with your day. ...
Quadrabloc™ Adhesives
Packaged and shipped as 104 individual adhesives to accommodate 30+ days of use, depending on the number of discs applied to the body daily.  For use with Quadrabloc discs to support placement of a disc(s) on the body site.  Each adhesive is 1' 3/...