Block the pain and get your life back!

Quadrabloc™ is a safe, natural alternative for pain relief that quickly blocks pain at the source.

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Quadrabloc Blocks Pain Fast

We understand the frustration of living with pain and discomfort. We want you to know there is a safe, natural alternative for pain relief when nothing else seems to work. Quadrabloc thereputic magnets are powerful and work to quickly block pain at the source so you can get on with your life.
Easy to Use

Quadrabloc magnets work by blocking pain signals originating in the sensory nerves. Using Quadrabloc is as easy as placing Quadrabloc where it hurts.

Safe Natural Pain Relief

Quadrabloc is a completely safe, natural alternative for pain relief! No prescription is required with Quadrabloc . You can order Quadrabloc today!

Relief Lasts All Day

Quadrabloc products are easy to use and can be worn at home, on-the-go, at work or while active. Wear to bed for overnight pain relief. Pain relief lasts as long as you wear Quadrabloc!

What Our Customers Have To Say!

Quadrabloc™ makes me forget I have pain within minutes of placing it on my lower back.  Quadrabloc™ is a life saver. Anyone with lower back pain should have it.

It was so easy to use and, thankfully, I began to find relief from TMJ pain. I slept with Quadrabloc™ on my jaw over-night and the pain was gone, remains gone

I can no longer imagine life without Quadrabloc. It relieves the pain without the expense and time involved with trying to see a doctor.  And, in my case, no pain relievers are required!

I have now been wearing the quadrabloc magnets for a number of months, either with the belt or using individual magnets over the many areas that I have had surgically repaired. I used to grab a pain pill first thing in order to cut the pain so I could start my day, but these magnets whether with the belt or used as directed, work; I do not need pain pills first thing in the morning. Within minutes after putting them on, my pain goes down close to nothing in my back and legs.

I've used Quadrabloc for nearly 20 years to treat migraines and the nausea that comes with them. Placing Quadrablocs on my temples and the back of my neck for the pain and on my wrists for the nausea has helped me recover from migraines more quickly without taking pain medication and no more trips to the ER.

Which Quadrabloc Product is Right for Me?

Quadrabloc is safe for long-term wear. As long as you feel pain, simply wear one of Quadrabloc's patented pain relief products to block your pain.  For overnight relief, wear Quadrabloc products to bed to relieve pain and discomfort while you sleep. Pain relief lasts all day!

  • Quadrabloc™ Individual Discs (Set of 4)

    Quadrabloc™ individual magnets for pain relief use powerful alternating quadrapolar magnetic fields which when placed directly over the source of the pain, quickly block the pain signal from reaching the brain. Pain relief can often be felt in minutes.

    Quadrabloc provides safe alternative pain relief and may help to reduce the need for pain relief medications. Quadrabloc attacks the pain where it starts so you can get back to living a life free from pain.


  • Quadrabloc™ Pad (Contains 5 Quadrabloc Discs)

    The Quadrabloc Pain Relief Pad uses an optimized array of five (5) Quadrabloc magnetic discs with alternating polarities to produce a steep field gradient that intercepts the pain signals from the site or region of pain to the brain.

    The Quadrabloc Pad provides powerful upper and lower back pain relief and can be easily adjusted over many areas of pain. Safe magnetic therapy for all types of back pain.

    The Quadrabloc Pad can be worn using the straps designed specifically for the shoulder, knee, and back. 


  • Quadrabloc™ Back Belt (Contains 7 Quadrabloc Discs)

    When you suffer from lower back pain, you want pain relief fast. The Quadrabloc magnetic Back Belt for back pain uses a patented, powerful alternating quadrapolar magnetic array to quickly block and relieve lower back pain so you can get back to living.

    Preferred by those with pain isolated to the low-back. The belt also easily accommodates wear underneath apparel and while active. The Quadrabloc belt can be worn while sleeping to relieve low back pain at night so you can get the rest you need. Reverse the belt and wear in the front for stomach or menstrual pain relief.

    Powerful magnetic therapy that works quickly to relieve your back pain.


How Does Quadrabloc™ Work?

Quadrabloc™ works to relieve pain using patented, quadrapolar magnetic discs to block the pain signals that originate in the sensory nerve fibers. These fibers, located throughout the body, are responsible for sending pain signals to the brain.

Proper placement is key.

There are many types of pain that can be managed with a QuadraBloc device. See details about each pain type listed below.
Upper Back and Torso Pain

The chest and upper back are among the most common sites of pain, suffering and disability encountered in clinical practice. 

Lower Back and Leg Pain

The most frequent cause of pain and disability is muscle and bone disease or dysfunction of lower back and lower limbs.