Do You Suffer From Back Pain?

Quadrabloc therapeutic magnets block pain fast when applied over the area of pain. Get back to living! Give your pain to Quadrabloc.

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Attention Weekend Warriors!

Don't let chronic pain prevent you from championing your workout. Learn how to crush it with Quadrabloc.

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How Does Quadrabloc™ Work?

Quadrabloc™ works to relieve pain using patented, quadrapolar magnetic discs to block the pain signals that originate in the sensory nerve fibers. These fibers, located throughout the body, are responsible for sending pain signals to the brain.


Quadrabloc™ makes me forget I have pain within minutes of placing it on my lower back.  Quadrabloc™ is a life saver. Anyone with lower back pain should have it.

It was so easy to use and, thankfully, I began to find relief from TMJ pain. I slept with Quadrabloc™ on my jaw over-night and the pain was gone, remains gone

I can no longer imagine life without Quadrabloc. It relieves the pain without the expense and time involved with trying to see a doctor.  And, in my case, no pain relievers are required!

Proper placement is key.

There are many types of pain that can be managed with a QuadraBloc device. See details about each pain type listed below.
Upper Back and Torso Pain

The chest and upper back are among the most common sites of pain, suffering and disability encountered in clinical practice. 

Lower Back and Leg Pain

The most frequent cause of pain and disability is muscle and bone disease or dysfunction of lower back and lower limbs.